The facts about Prop B

What is Prop B?

Prop B is clear, straightforward and uncomplicated. Its provisions are nothing more than a requirement that there be a policy for use of Fletcher Cove Community Center and that the Center be governed under existing City law.

Why is Prop B necessary?

All Prop B does is require the City to have a policy for community use of the Community Center, and prevents the City Council from taking the Community Center away from all of the citizens of Solana Beach, like it successfully did for two years until Prop B was launched.

What impact will Prop B have on the surrounding neighborhood?

An independent legal study ordered by the City Council concluded that since Prop B incorporated existing law, there would be no adverse impacts on the neighborhood or the City in general from implementation of Prop B.

What about the City Council’s argument that Prop B will tie their hands?

The Council can’t defend its failure to act, so they now claim Prop B will totally tie their hands and prevent them protecting public health and safety – but that’s just not true. With Prop B, the City Council retains all of the power it now has to protect the health and safety of its citizens, including the power to permit specific events and to set conditions consistent with local and state law. The City Council is completely aware of this fact.

Preserve access to our Community Center – Vote Yes on Prop B so that the City Council cannot take away our Community Center again, effectively giving control of the Center to the neighbors as an extension of their private property.

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